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Success at International conference involves so much more than the delivery of an academic paper or poster.  You need to have the skills and attributes to present effectively, network appropriately, behave professionally and make the most of all the opportunities a conference offers. You will probably have to do all of this in a place that you are unfamiliar with, surrounded by successful people that you want to impress. It can all be a bit overwhelming!


Arc52 offers sessions for individuals who want to prepare and develop their skills before attending an academic conference. You can choose from the modules below or a bespoke session can also be designed to meet the needs of your staff or students; Arc52 can help your DTP cohort group and other groups.  

What we offer

Module |01 Professional behaviours


Attending a conference can be an exciting opportunity but how can you be sure that you'll return home with all that you (and your sponsor) hope for, and what should you realistically hope to achieve anyway? 


This module outlines the opportunities and hazards that conferences can produce, and prepares you in the kinds of professional behaviours that help you make the most of your valuable time and your institution's investment in you. These include networking, body language, planning your time appropriately, realistic expectations. 

Day |01


All sessions are planned with the development of researchers' skills in mind. Refer to Vitae's Researcher Development Framework to find out more about the kinds of skill areas that are considered important in the UK.


Arc52 can travel to you anywhere in the world to deliver modules to groups. We also offer advice to individuals. Choose from set modules or work with us to design something special for your organisation. 

Costs and payment

Prices start from £80 for an individual consultation and £500 for group sessions.

Contact us at  for information on costs and payment. 

Module |02 Presentations and academic posters


You've probably worked long and hard on your paper or presentation for conference, but how can you be sure that your audience will hear your message, that your poster or presentation will look right or, that you will be able to handle question time?


This module prepares you to develop and deliver a presentation or talk and answer  questions from an international audience with confidence. You will have the chance to experience different presentation styles, including posters, receive personal feedback, and work on the things that may be worrying you about presentations. It's not all about PowerPoint.

Day |02


Arc52 has an international audience. Native and non-native speakers of English are welcome. If you are a non-native speaker you will need a minimum standard of Level B2 English, or IELTS 6.5 for module 01 and 02 skills courses. 

Arc52: Consultancy in Researcher Development

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