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What we offer

Times are changing quickly, and the days when supervisors could and would supervise exactly as they were supervised (or in reaction to it), are gone. Research Supervisors and Academic Institutions are recognising that the professionalism that researchers apply to their research activities also needs to apply to their approach to supervision. But what does a professional supervisor do?

All sessions are planned with the development of researchers' skills in mind. Refer to Vitae's Researcher Development Framework to find out more about the kinds of skill areas that are considered important in the UK.

Skill and knowledge areas 
  • The context of Research Supervision 

  • Understanding your own and others expectations

  • Models of supervision

  • Co-supervision models

  • Helping those in difficulty - academic or personal

  • Professional behaviours: reflection and change

  • Preparation for application to the UK Council for Graduate Education Research Supervision Recognition Programme 

These are just some of the common areas that a covered in workshops. Arc52 can design and deliver sessions that meet common needs in those inexperienced in research supervision, or work with you to co-deliver or facilitate sessions for those who have more extensive experience or leadership responsibility. 

Skills and Knowledge

Your tutor

Dr Cathy Gibbons has a Masters degree and PhD in Human Relations from the University of Nottingham. She is an NLP practitioner and coach. She has developed and taught development sessions for Research Supervisors of every level and discipline since 2009 for a number of Institutions, in the UK and overseas; face to face and through webinar. She is an active member of UKCGE and the International Network for Doctoral Education .



Take a look at the latest resources from UKCGE for supervisors

Our expertise


Arc52 can work online or travel  anywhere in the world to deliver modules to groups. Work with us to design something special for your organisation. 

Costs and payment

Prices start from £500 for group sessions.

Contact us at for information on costs and payment. 


Arc52 has an international audience. Native and non-native speakers of English are welcome. However, these supervisor  sessions anticipate at least level 6 in spoken English. 

Arc52: Consultancy in Researcher Development

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