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What we offer

Arc52 specialises in training in Qualitative Research methods. Qualitative research is all too often dismissed as a method chosen by those who can't do numbers, as something that anyone can do without training. It's seen as just having a bit of a chat and it's all a bit wishy-washy, so it's not proper research. Unfortunately it's all too easy to do qualitative research badly. 

It's definitely not the easy option. When approached with rigour and mindfulness, qualitative research can bring amazing insight and meaning to poorly understood experiences. As such, commissioners of research are more likely than ever to look for something that encapsulates the stakeholder-story, as well as the numbers.

Whether you want to add some depth by using mixed methods, or your methodology is exclusively qualitative, Dr Cathy Gibbons of Arc52 can design a workshop for your research group; she has helped researchers from backgrounds including, but not limited to, Human Factors Engineering, Architecture, Art Therapy, Palliative Care, Veterinary Medicine, Community Pharmacy, Teacher Education, Ethno-musicology, Neo-natal care, Social Policy, International Politics, and Clinical Research.

Please get in touch using the contacts tab above to discuss your needs.

Skills, knowledge and practice 
  • Methods and methodologies -the philosophical basics (especially helpful for those from traditional STEM backgrounds encountering qualitative research for the first time)

  • Common traditions in Qualitative Research

  • Qualitative interviews and interviewing

  • Doing Focus groups

  • Analysis: Handling and transforming qualitative data

  • Analysis: Moving beyond the first pass

  • Professional behaviours: 'Being' a qualitative researcher

  • Getting started in CAQDAS advice sessions 

These are just some of the common areas that a covered in workshops. Arc52 can design and deliver sessions that meet common needs in those inexperienced in qualitative research, or work with you to co-deliver or facilitate reflective sessions, for those who have more extensive experience in qualitative research and practice. These sessions are highly practical and focus on facilitating individuals on meeting their own development needs as qualitative or mixed methods researchers.


Your tutor

Dr Cathy Gibbons has a Masters degree and PhD in Human Relations from the University of Nottingham. As well as undertaking qualitative research, she has developed and taught Qualitative Research on Masters programmes and as stand-alone development sessions for doctoral and post-doctoral researchers for more than 10 years. Cathy also has a first degree in Applied Biology and taught Science in schools and colleges before broadening her scope into Sociology and Psychology.

Our expertise

Skills, Knowledge and practice

All sessions are planned with the development of researchers' skills in mind. Refer to Vitae's Researcher Development Framework to find out more about the kinds of skill areas that are considered important in the UK. 


Arc52 can travel to you anywhere in the world to deliver modules to groups. Work with us to design something special for your organisation. 

Costs and payment

Prices start from £500 for group sessions.

Contact us at for information on costs and payment. 


Arc52 has an international audience. Native and non-native speakers of English are welcome. However, these qualitative sessions require higher levels of English comprehension than our other courses, with a minimum of IELTS level 7 for non-native speakers. 

Arc52: Consultancy in Researcher Development

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