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What we offer

Covid-19 has seen a massive increase in demand for and use of webinars to deliver ‘emergency’ content for isolated doctoral students and researchers. As you plan for future training you will wish to move to more consistent ways of delivering quality training and development activities. Arc52 have been designing and delivering engaging webinars since 2012. We can design bespoke webinars or blended learning content for your cohort development needs. Or you can choose from pre-designed courses that we can adapt for your institution or research group.  


All sessions are planned with the development of researchers' skills in mind. Refer to Vitae's Researcher Development Framework to find out more about the kinds of skill areas that are considered important in the UK.


Skills, Knowledge and practice

Skills, knowledge and practice 
  • Managing your relationships with supervisors

  • Introduction to qualitative research thinking

  • Conducting Online Research Interviews

  • Conducting Research Focus Groups

  • Fundamentals of Research Ethics and Research Integrity

  • Researcher life/work balance

  • Developing relationships and research collaborations

  • Supervisors: helping researchers take control of their careers

  • Achieving effective research communication

  • Managing your relationships with supervisees

These are just some of the common areas that are covered in workshops. Arc52 can design and deliver sessions that meet common needs or create blended learning workshops. Any areas of provision can be adapted from face to face delivery to a combination of off-line exercises and webinar consolidation. Just one example of this is Analysing Research Interviews.


Arc52 can reach you anywhere in the world to deliver modules to groups, but with a webinar there will be no travel costs. Work with us to design something special for your organisation. 


Arc52 has an international audience. Native and non-native speakers of English are welcome.  A minimum of IELTS level 6.5 for non-native speakers is recommended. 

Your tutor

As well as developing and teaching online and distance programmes in her specialist areas of Qualitative Research, Supervisor Development, and Research Ethics and Integrity for more than 10 years, Dr Cathy Gibbons has researched and published on digital learning.  

Our expertise

Costs and payment

Prices start from £400 for group sessions.

Contact us at for information on costs and payment. 

Arc52: Consultancy in Researcher Development

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