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Finding research funding. Ukrainian CARA Fellows. (Council for at-risk academics)

Science Foundation Ireland Advance CRT

Science Foundation Ireland. Professional Development Planning for Researchers and Principle Investigators


Time and stress management for research staff


Responsible Research and Integrity


Professional Development Planning for Researcher Fellows and Principle Investigators


Cal-Bridge program at University of California Santa Cruz


Effective Researcher training for Marie Skłdowska-Curie Doctoral Network students

Trials methodology Research Partnership

Doing Focus Groups with the MRC funded Trials Methodology Research Doctoral Partnership

City Uni

Managing your relationship with your supervisor


Effective Researcher training for doctoral researchers with European funding


Supervisor training for Institutions across Iceland

BIST logo
NCN Poland in English
La Caixa Foundation
Museu Emilio Goeldi, Para, Brazil

Researcher Connect training for research staff Museum of the Amazon

Museum of the Amazon. Para, Brazil

Researcher Connect

UFPA Federal University of Para, Bra

Researcher Connect

Cairo University

Researcher Connect

University of Melbourne, Australia.

Creative thinking for doctoral researchers

British Council

Providing courses for Researcher Connect around the world

Tsinghua University

Developing cultural understanding in Beijing, China


A British Council funded project developing Researchers' Capacity in Iraq


Developing Researcher Capacity with Kurdish Regional Government in Iraq

University of Nottingham

Providing courses in Researcher Development in UK, China and Malaysia

University of Exeter, UK

Providing courses and strategic direction in Researcher Development

Judging Postgraduate Research Showcase

University of Jyvaskyla, Finland

Providing Research Methodology Training


Contracted to provide courses in Researcher Development

Australian National Unversity

Presentation skills training

Universities and organisations that have worked with Arc52


Arc52: Consultancy in Researcher Development

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