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Planning tips 9. Review your planning

It’s the start of term in the UK and whilst there is a buzz of excitement around campus, there is also a sharp edge to that excitement; “Have I done everything that needs to be done?” Now does not feel like the time for reviewing planning. So, let’s keep this simple. Review the use of your planning tools. Failing to use them properly means that they won’t be as useful to you. You will become less efficient as a result.

For example, I know that the Bullet Point Journal methods that I use have ‘slipped’. I’ve forgotten the range of helpful symbols that I can use and I notice that I’m now finding it harder to differentiate between the different notes in my notebook. So I’m going to take 5 minutes to review those symbols and get my notebook back on its hugely helpful track.

So which of the tools that you use might need a quick review? Or just check out my blog from January as a super-quick reminder.

Enjoy the new term!

*Image attribution: US comedian Jim Gaffigan making a goofy excited face. This is a representation of his inner voice coming through which is an integral part of his comedy routine. Alan Gastelum. 9th January 2014. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 1.0 Generic license.

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